Shareholder Services

Promoting Career Opportunities

The NIMA Corporation is dedicated to promoting educational, scholarship, and career opportunities for our shareholders and their descendants. Please click on Shareholder Assistance and Scholarship Program links for information regarding our programs. It is important for our recordkeeping department to have the most current data for our shareholders. Please click on the Shareholders Forms link to download the most commonly requested forms and applications.

For questions regarding shares of NIMA stock, please visit our FAQ page.

Shareholder Assistance

The Nima Corporation Board of Directors recognizes there are times when shareholders and their descendants may require financial assistance for circumstance beyond their control therefore, the corporation offers assistance:

To request assistance, please make a written request and fax to 907-563-1567, or Email your request to:

[email protected]

If you have access to email, you may send your written request via email. Alaska Natives living within the Municipality of Anchorage may apply for burial assistance by calling the General Assistance Program at Cook Inlet Tribal Council at (907) 265-5911.

Shareholders living in Alaska but outside of the Anchorage municipality can contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Social Services in Juneau, AK, toll-free at 1 (800) 645-8397.

Alaska Natives residing outside of Alaska should contact their local BIA office to apply for additional assistance.

The Mekoryuk IRA also provides additional burial assistance; contact the Mekoryuk IRA office at (907) 827-8827 for more information.

Downloadable BIA Burial Assistance guidelines through the Mekoryuk IRA.


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